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For The Love of Beads BlogThe adventures of Suzanne, Nibbler, and friends in the world of beads and jewelry making crafts

Welcome to Part 2 of my first Showcase! (If you missed part 1, click Here to see it.) This Showcase continues to feature the lampwork of the wonderful Sue Beads, this time as the focal (and splashes of color) for an assymetrical cord and bead necklace.

She has done a great job with her key beads particularly and I really wanted to make something fun and comfortable and somewhat casual that would capture the impression I got from looking at it. I like what I’ve come up with but found a unique challenge in trying to making the double-stranded side hang properly.

Showcase: Sue Beads Part 2 suebeads

This necklace is made with gray cotton cord from our shop; well, now it is. I had originally made it with black cord but found that I didn’t like the lack of contrast between the color of the key and the color of the cord so I redid it in gray and it looks a lot better.   I still keep thinking it needs a little extra something but I am also stubbornly pleased with it as it is. What do you think?

Want to make your own super comfortable key necklace? Wander on over to Sue Beads or her shop on etsy and get started shopping but don’t forget to pick up some soft cotton cord before you go!

(For anyone who is curious, the book in the background is The Fionavar Tapestry by Guy Gavriel Kay, one of my favorite books when I was in high school, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes Arthurian fantasy.)

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Showcase!                                                         Gorgeous Leather il 430xN.87760872

When I first saw this piece, I was sure it was silver; the leather has such a great shimmer it mimics the look of metal incredibly. Part of Eninja’s stunning leather collection on etsy, this piece is elegant and chic as well as comfortable and light. Doesn’t it looks just like those paper snowflakes almost everybody cut out as a kid?  Way more sophisticated tho.

Showcase!                                                         Gorgeous Leather il 430xN.87760871

I always love to see crafter’s thinking outside the box and this leather necklace is truly creative and inspiring.

Until next time, happy crafting!

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After getting in some new products and playing around a bit, I like the new cotton cords we’ve gotten so much, I couldn’t resist making myself this cute, simple necklace – perfect for rainy days!

DIY Corded Necklace rainy days

If you like it, make one for yourself! The cord features a style I have always knows as “spiral staircase” and it the easiest style of friendship bracelet I ever made.  How to and materials list after the cut.


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Every once in awhile, when I find something really spectacular, there will be a post like this. I’ll try not to gush too much but some things just have to be shared. How perfect that just as I am starting this blog, one of my favourite chainmaillers has created something absolutely inspiring.

From the Blue Buddha Boutique’s Rebeca Mojico comes this beautiful necklace, reminiscent of intertwined seaweed and aptly named Poseidon’s Embrace.

Poseidons Embrace - created by Rebeca Mojica of Blue Buddha Boutique

Created for a show, this stunning necklace uses over 14 000 coloured titanium rings and took over 100 hours to complete! What a feat of patience! Understandably this piece has already inspired those lucky enough to have been privy to some of the process over on the Ring Lord forums and I am sure it will impress many more. I look forward to hearing the results of the contest (and am very curious about the other entries!)

Make sure to check out their their other awesome work on their site, Blue Buddha Boutique and if you’re feeling inspired too, take a gander at their chainmaille supplies as well!

Good luck Rebeca!


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