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For The Love of Beads BlogThe adventures of Suzanne, Nibbler, and friends in the world of beads and jewelry making crafts

I set out to write this post the other day (after a few delays with my camera) only to realize that lighting conditions weren’t exactly optimal. However, I tried anyway and it turned out to be a great way to demonstrate how well a lightbox can work. See?

DIY Photographing Part 3: Composition and Backgrounds lightbox success


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Showcase!                                                         Gorgeous Leather il 430xN.87760872

When I first saw this piece, I was sure it was silver; the leather has such a great shimmer it mimics the look of metal incredibly. Part of Eninja’s stunning leather collection on etsy, this piece is elegant and chic as well as comfortable and light. Doesn’t it looks just like those paper snowflakes almost everybody cut out as a kid?  Way more sophisticated tho.

Showcase!                                                         Gorgeous Leather il 430xN.87760871

I always love to see crafter’s thinking outside the box and this leather necklace is truly creative and inspiring.

Until next time, happy crafting!

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Part 1 of this series walked you through building your own lightbox (also known as a softbox) to help you take great photos of your jewelry masterpieces .  Now here we are with Part 2 – hopefully things won’t get toooo technical =)


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Hi! Welcome to our jewelry blog! Emily here making the obligatory introductory post. . I’ve always been an artsy person and loved personalizing my clothing and jewelry to create a unique style for myself.  Recently I learned how to work with chainmaille and have been designing some jewelry for myself and some friends. I’m also participating in some great forums such as Craftster, Jewelry Geeks, and the Ring Lord.

I’ve started this blog to have a place to post all the cool things we at For the Love of Beads find (and make!) in the world of jewelry making, chainmaille, and do-it-yourself.  Suzanne and I will be using this blog to share some of our own creations as well as new additions to the store, new techniques we have learned, and some of our favourite pieces by fellow crafters.We may even have some guest posters eventually!

I hope you enjoy it!  Check back often to see what cool new stuff we’ve made or found.

And since I hate to see a post with no picture, here’s one of a cool little purse charm I made for myself while playing around with some silver wire and extra beads:

wire worrydoll

Thanks for taking a look and see you again soon!

~ Emily

Posted by Emily