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Just so you know, I’m not slacking off. I have been busy busy busy rephotographing and listing all of my various treasures that have been sitting around and waiting for a purpose.  My etsy shop grows and I begin to contemplate the featured listings, they seem worthwhile as someone new to etsy but I have to decide which piece to have featured.

I have also been playing around a bunch with wire, making a ton of coiled beads with Swarovsky’s and other colorful accents and I am finally feeling a lot more comfortable with it, more in control.

My big project at the moment is taking, as always, longer than expected but thats what happens when you try to make a functional purse out of 3mm jump rings. Work is slow but rewarding – pictures to come! If I find the energy I may even put together a tutorial for the finished product, I have been snapping some pictures of the process.

Oh! I almost forgot, we have a bunch of new tagua beads coming next week! They are lots of fun and I am sure you will like them!

Anyway, TGIF
Happy crafting!

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