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It’s so exciting having new stuff in the store to play with; new beads and new stringing options fill my head with the possibilities!

One of my favorite new additions to the store is these fantastic bones squares painted black with white streaks; I love how the white looks like raindrops! I also love these big asai beads; they are such a rich blue.  These wood slices are so cute! I can’t wait to use them in some chunky, funky necklace!

New Products enlarge 2442 New Products enlarge 2449 New Products enlarge 2451

We also have some great new stringing supplies, like this bold bright red thin cotton cord and pretty light pink thicker cotton. Even some classic black leather!

New Products enlarge 2349 New Products enlarge 2346 New Products enlarge dsc 2463

All of these are available in multiple colours and they’re a really easy way to add some more color to your next project! I hope you like our new products as much as I do!

Don’t forget to check out Nibbler’s picks and get them before he eats them all!

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For the Love of Beads Sponsors A Bead Giveaway bonebeads

These wonderful African Trade Beads are the next prize in the Beading Gem’s ongoing giveaway. She has had some neat prizes from various bead makers and sellers and this week its our turn! So if you want to win these great beads or are just looking for a good crafting blog to read, head on over there and take a peek:  Pearl always has interesting and informative articles on beads and other cool jewelry-related stuff.

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Just a quick note to say we have gotten lotsa new stuff in recently, so go take a look! There will be more coming in the next few days too so keep an eye out!

Also don’t forget to check out our fuzzy little mascot’s favourite picks, on discount to sell before he eats them all!

I made an order form one of my favourite bloggers, Sue of Sue Beads, the other day and I am eagerly awaiting their arrival so I can make some awesome wirework earrings that I have all planned out!

Til then, happy crafting all!

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Sorry for not posting in a while, there’s a nasty end of summer bug going around that has kept us all rather tired and lazy.  I’ve been taking it easy, watching silly movies, and sleeping a lot but I did manage to get the orders that came in sent out on their merry way; packed carefully with no sneezing or coughing on them! We’ve gotten some neat new additions to the store recently (and we’ll keep getting more) so make sure to check that out.

Now that I am feeling a little better its time to get back to my wirework learning so see you again soon and until then, happy crafting!

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Say hello to my little friend... stage winner

His decisive victory (49%)  in our recent race makes him the new For the Love of Beads mascot! Keep an eye out for this shiny AND furry bead-loving heart popping up in various parts of the store.

Thanks to everyone who voted, we couldn’t have decided without you.

Coming tomorrow (a little late but worth waiting for, was planning to post on Friday), some very, VERY cool chainmail sculptures from a fellow crafter on the Ring Lord forums. Make sure you come back and check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

’til then, happy crafting!

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Edit: Apologies to anyone who was having trouble with our checkout system, it has been fixed and should be working properly again! Thanks for your patience!

Just a quick hello to mention some cool blog-y stuff going on out there on the internet!

First off since there isn’t much time left, head on over to Chinook Jewelry’s blog and suggest a name for two new beautiful glazes for a chance to win a fabulous pendant! Contest ends tonight at midnight (PST) so don’t dawdle!

My friend Pearl over at Beading Gem is having a giveaway contest so be sure to enter! For the Love of Beads will be donating some of my favourite beads (pics to come) to this giveaway so be sure to keep an eye on it!

Lorelei’s  Inside the Studio blog is also having a great giveaway over the next few weeks so be sure to take a look and leave a comment to enter for some cute mermaids (and whatever other goodies she has to give out).

Beading Daily is hosting their first earring swap which sounds like fun. I plan to participate myself if I can decide what on earth to make so check it out, enter if you feel up for it and maybe you’ll get whatever fun earrings I come up with in the next few weeks!  (Or something fantastic from one of your fellow internet loving crafters!)

And last but not least, don’t forget that our mascot race is running until Monday, August 3rd so get your vote in if you haven’t yet.

Now I have to go make use of the sunshine which has been so sparse the past few days – so many new pretties and no pics of any of them! Time to change that.

Happy crafting!

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After an extensive recount and re-organization of the beadstore inventory we now have space for a bunch of fun additions which will be coming soon! Also I now have time to get working on my personal collection of crafting supplies which is getting rather out of hand. As I go through it I will take some photos and post some tips for other crafters who want to take a break from the potential sunburn (or hide from the rain depending on where you are). So keep an eye out, coming soon I’ll also be talking about my hunt for a new set of fancy jewelry making pliers!

Happy crafting!

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Hello! We are keeping quite busy over here, re-organizing our bead storage and checking inventory in preparation for adding some new beads! Also, I have finally gotten around to setting up an etsy store and, once we have a sunny enough day to make maximum effectiveness out of my lightbox I can take some pictures and (hopefully) start selling some jewelry!  Keep an eye out, we hope to have some exciting new additions shortly!

Also, due to popular demand (at least one request) I will be posting about storage solutions very soon!

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Spring has sprung in Toronto, and as usual, it’s raining. But that doesn’t stop us from creating something that will sparkle when the sun finally peeks out again! This week, we’ve been fiddling around with a shiny and versatile new selection of metal beads, charms, and baubles.

Mother’s Day is fast approaching (I love you, mom!) and a beautiful handmade necklace (or anklet) is a great way to show you care. We don’t have the heart to charge full price for such a lovely thought – use the coupon code iloveyoumom and receive a heartwarming 20% discount! Click here to start shopping now!

Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Beading!  ~ Suzanne & Emily

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Thanks for participating! Hope you had fun!

Thanks for participating! Hope you had fun!

Thanks again to everyone who took part! It was lots of fun to run a contest and I’m sure there will be more in the future. Read on for the list of winners and also links to sites and blogs which helped out by posting about the contest.


So congratulations again to all the winners! I was going to do a video of picking names out of a hat like Lisa did on her blog, but I realized that, having only collected emails I couldn’t really draw names without giving away peoples emails. There was also the secondary problem of having to track down a camera and get the hundreds of names printed and cut up. Next time we do a draw I’m sure we can do a video of Suzanne and I picking names though.

Thanks a ton to all the sites and blogs that posted about the contest! Here is a list of them in no particular order:

  • Pearl over at The Beading Gem Journal kindly posted a nice write-up of the contest on the 4th of April.
  • Lisa from A Bead a Day helped get the word out to her twitter and facebook contacts – she was very kind in giving me some pointers for getting onto twitter where I’ve found so many people, but haven’t tweeted nearly enough myself yet. :P
  • Erin from Every Heart Crafts posted too as I mentioned above (since she was also one of the winners). It was her post that our Grand Prize winner Lisa found out about the contest from!
  • Jennifer Ramos from the quite successful Made By Girl blog helped get the word out. Also have a small ad over on her blog that has been sending a fair bit of traffic our way too!
  • Corra from De Cor’s Handmades posted before she disappeared for some time off – hopefully she had a good time. The burger in her latest post is making me hungry =D
  • Tammy Powley from and The Craftey Princess Diaries mentioned the contest on
  • Sheila Morley from Art Talk with Sheila Morley did a nice post just before the contest was over – check out her glass work, such beautiful colours!

I tried to keep track of who I emailed and who posted or otherwise helped out – but I’ve been so busy with college and all the orders coming in that it has been tough. If I’ve missed anyone I’m so sorry! Let me know and I’ll add you to the list.

For all those that didn’t win, there are sure to be more contests in the future! Please come back again soon and theres always the FTLoB newsletter if you want to hear about new contests and other news!

Also I’d love to see some comments (or get some emails) as to what people found both good or bad, intuitive or frustrating about the contest so I can make the next contest even better.

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