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For The Love of Beads BlogThe adventures of Suzanne, Nibbler, and friends in the world of beads and jewelry making crafts

Welcome the the History of Beads index! So far Suzanne has taken us through most of the Americas and soon she will be heading off to another continent to search out cool and interesting ways in which beads were part of the lives of our ancestors. I’ll be sure to update this index as she explores and shares her findings! Enjoy!

North America
South America Part 1 – Olmecs, Mayans, Aztecs

Posted by Emily

First off, check out this gorgeous necklace by Heather Cote of Azure Island Designs:
Blogroll!  prize+beads+necklace2

This beautiful piece was made using blue dyed bone beads that Heather won in a Giveaway we sponsored on The Beading Gem a little while ago. Isn’t it great? I love the way she has captured the various colors in the bone beads and the silver spacers really make the whole thing shine!

Beading Daily frequently has incredibly useful tips and suggestions and lately they have had a few great ones. Want to lengthen a necklace that’s just not long enough but don’t know how? Check out their Necklace Extension suggestions. They also have this handy post on how to properly clean chains.  Finally there is a really good guide on how to choose the right wire gauge for your projects.

Melissa of Strands posted recently about her massive stash of buttons and how she has gone about including them in her jewelry designs – neat idea!

Also, take a look at Lisa of Lucid Moon Studio’s first jewelry tutorial – beautiful piece and nice, clear, instructions – good job Lisa!

The Rabbit Muse featured a neat bracelet today in which she used a skeleton key in a most interesting and creative way.

Pearl, the Beading Gem, has a great post about origami jewelry up today. I am in the process of trying to find some appropriate paper to make myself a bazillion origami stars!

And lastly (the blog world is taking a short break for Thanksgiving it seems) Sue Beads, TotusMel, and the wonderful people over at the Art Bead Scene are all offering various holiday savings so check that out before its too late! (If I missed anyone, apologies! Feel free to leave a note to let me know!)

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First off, so sorry for the massive delay: we had a bout of swine flu going around and it took quite awhile to recover from, Mike is still sick although now with pneumonia! (What a week!) But we are all getting better, slowly, and taking it easy.

I am not one of those girls that gets hugely excited about fancy designer purses but, I have been looking for the ‘perfect purse’ (and spent a small fortune on them in the meantime). The problem is that I can’t seem to find one that matches my style and is interesting with enough pockets for all my stuff and so, it in spirit of DIY, I am making one exactly how I want it. This is the first of series of posts chronicaling my purse’s creation, complete with learning a few new techniques. Coming up there will be some knitting, felting, possibly some embroidery as well, and today: chainmail!

Enough blabbity blab – here are some pictures of the chainmail section which will eventually be a small, secure pocket for money or cards on the outside of the completed purse.

Cross craft Project Part 1: Chainmail Section chainmail section2

Tools of the trade: chain nose and bent nose pliers, black and blue 3mm anodized aluminum rings (approxiametly 1300 blue, 600 black total).

Cross craft Project Part 1: Chainmail Section chainmail section

And the finished chainmail section which measures just under 3 inches square, the perfect size for credit card, ID, cash, etc. For some reason my camera thinks the background is pinkish… which it isn’t.. but you get the idea. This section took probably the longest of all and I am very relieved to have it done, micromail is so fidgety and eye-crossing.

In a couple weeks I will make the main section (knit) and then a couple weeks after that I will share the decoration (felted) and make some final decisions about the strap and extra pockets etc for the inside.

Thanks for looking, happy crafting!

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Cross Craft Project #1: Teaser crosscraft teaser

Coming on Monday: part 1 of my first big cross-craft project! This one involves knitting, felting, and chainmail but the project will be revealed on Monday.

TGIF & Happy crafting!

Posted by Emily

Adding new products to the store is always so exciting!  Right now we are testing some new tagua designs, if people like them we will get in a whole bunch more but for now we have only a few each of several new funky designs!

New Products! enlarge DSC 2732 New Products! enlarge DSC 2724 New Products! enlarge DSC 2730 New Products! enlarge DSC 2708 New Products! enlarge DSC 2712 New Products! enlarge DSC 2711

All of these designs are available in multiple colors too! Take a look at our New Arrivals section to see them all.

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Just a quick note to share some of the fun wire projects I have completed in the past few months learning what I can about wire. The most important thing I have learned is that the possibilities are almost endless – if you can think it, you can probably do it. The best thing to do is buy some cheap wire and just get started playing with it. I have gotten really hooked on these double coiled wire beads and really like the way they look embellished with some colorful beads.  What do you think?

Wire Jewelry Part #3: Showcase! loki doll blog


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Just so you know, I’m not slacking off. I have been busy busy busy rephotographing and listing all of my various treasures that have been sitting around and waiting for a purpose.  My etsy shop grows and I begin to contemplate the featured listings, they seem worthwhile as someone new to etsy but I have to decide which piece to have featured.

I have also been playing around a bunch with wire, making a ton of coiled beads with Swarovsky’s and other colorful accents and I am finally feeling a lot more comfortable with it, more in control.

My big project at the moment is taking, as always, longer than expected but thats what happens when you try to make a functional purse out of 3mm jump rings. Work is slow but rewarding – pictures to come! If I find the energy I may even put together a tutorial for the finished product, I have been snapping some pictures of the process.

Oh! I almost forgot, we have a bunch of new tagua beads coming next week! They are lots of fun and I am sure you will like them!

Anyway, TGIF
Happy crafting!

Posted by Emily

New Necklace Display Inspires me to Etsy (finally) loki orange black2

That’s right! I have finally made my way onto etsy to sell some of my handmade pretties! This morning was spent photographing and uploading and then writing descriptions for them all.  Whew! I had quite a few pieces lying around and it took awhile to sift through them. One thing I noticed was that my style is very changeable – I have a wide variety of materials at my fingertips and so I tend to shift back and forth between an even wider variety of themes and styles.  However, lately  I have been working more with mixed materials, like the necklaces in this post (only the first of which is listed in my etsy shop unfortunately as I finished the second one and simply love it too much to sell).

New Necklace Display Inspires me to Etsy (finally) chameleon dressedup blog

I feel much more comfortable and fluid when I work with all of my favorite media spread out in front of me so I can mix them freely. It appeals to my otherwise somewhat conflicting tastes.  In my youth, I was fairly ecclectic; mixing and matching styles that others claimed “didn’t go together”, and that has certainly stayed with me.  I am from a generation that grew up rejecting labels, any labels, and so it feels natural to me to simply pick what I like and put it together however I want it. Even if it means my style varies wildly from delicate pink and silver Swarovsky beaded necklaces to a silly Frog choker and some simple cord pieces.

Anyway, I have a sink full of dishes waiting for me so there’s only a few items listed for now but more will come soon, ’til then;
Happy crafting!

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Welcome to the wire jewelry index page!

The posts below describe my experiments with wire as I seek to master this versatile medium, as well as some hopefully helpful tips I have picked up along the way. For guides featuring other media, click on over to our Tutorials page.

Part 1: Introduction & Pegboard/Wig jig
Part 2: Simple Wire Jewelry & an Easy tutorial
Part 3: Showcase!

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These posts are a collection of cool things I have found around the web as well as jewelry I have made featuring something made by one of my blog buddies! Enjoy!

Emi Originals Featuring Sue Beads:
Wire Earrings
Cord & Key Necklace
Coiled wire pendant

Blog Buddies Creations:
TotusMel’s Tatted Masks
Rebeca Mojico’s Micromail – “Poseidon’s Embrace”

Other Cool Finds:
Eninja’Leather Jewelry
Madunde’s Steampunk Computer
Michael’s Chainmail Critters

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