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African Trade Beads:
These African beads feature intricately worked horn and bone in rustic designs and vibrant colors. No two are exactly alike - and each tells a unique story. There is a huge variety of styles to choose from, including beads, pendants, and necklaces. African Trade Beads mix beautifully with glass and sterling silver for exciting creations.

Vegetable Ivory Beads:
Also known as Tagua, these beads are carved from the seeds of palm trees. They are resiliant and strong and can be dyed many colors for a large variety of styles. Easy to mix and match, these natural, vegan beads look great with anything from our fun African beads to our collection of Bali sterling silver!

Wooden Beads:
These wooden beads come in all shapes, styles, and sizes. Some have been left natural and unfinished, while others have been sanded down for a smooth feel yet rustic appeal. For a bolder look take a look out our hand painted and dyed wooden beads. Mix all sizes and styles, and accent glass, stone, or any medium for a unique look. Be Daring!

Clay / Ceramic / Fossil Beads:
These fossil beads are made from clay - they are fired and then dyed. The resulting colors are brilliant and bold, and the beads attain a look of marbelized stone. They are beautiful both alone or in combination with other beads, and look great dressed up or down.

Natural beads are some of the world's first adornments, and have always told a story about the person wearing them. They come from all regions of the world, and have been used since civilizations first existed. They will never tire or go out of style, and there will always be a natural human demand for them. If you want to captivate and tell a story with your creations, there is nothing more alluring than organic, natural beads.

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