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Unbeatable Value:
They are also popular because of their unbeatable value - with no other type of bead can you get such opulence for so little investment.

Fiberoptic Cats Eye Beads
These fancy fiberoptic shapes have a marvelous luster. Light and motion create a delightful shimmer as the shades change from pale to dark and back! Great for jewelery designs and scrapbooking masterpieces!

Furnace Glass Beads
Furnace Glass is also known as Art Glass, (since it is hand-made by glass artists) and as Cane Glass (because it's patterns are similar to candy canes). We have a fabulous array of colors and shapes offered in various sizes for your convenience. Indulge yourself and enjoy these fun beads!

Mixed Glass Beads
We've got glass with class from all regions of the world! Indian Fancy beads, Chinese Opaque beads, and of course fabulous Czech Glass. They're available in a myriad of styles from light-flickering foil lined beads and two-tone "AB" beads, to matte flower beads and painted pieces. They're ready to debut in your personal creations!

Fire Polished Glass Beads
These calorie free donuts are made of Czech glass and are imported directly from the Czech Republic. They are 6x9mm multi faceted glass beads, and are available in an array of spectacular colors.

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